THE WIND BEGAN TO BLOW                                                                       

(verse 1)
The Spirit of the Lord was strong on me
And He took me to a valley full of bones
So many bones and oh so very dry
Then the Spirit said to me “son, prophesy”
Speak My Word to the wind
These bones shall know My breath
I did as He commanded in that valley full of death

Then the Wind began to blow across the valley
The bones began to rattle and to rise
As the Spirit blew those bodies grew
‘till a great, mighty army came to life
Spirit, blow on me, Spirit, blow on me

(verse 2)
The Spirit of the Lord was strong on me
And He took me to His Church; the chosen Bride
All around were bones so very dry
And the Spirit said to me, “Son, prophesy”
I will build My Church
Death will not prevail
I’ve given her My promise
And a love that cannot fail
(repeat chorus)

2006 Galestorm Music Inc  ASCAP


(verse 1)
Streams of beauty flowing down
Radiance and grandeur everywhere
Every creature humbly bows
Rising up as worship fills the air

O Lord God, so very great!
robed in majesty and mercy
Endless wonders You create
You speak the word:  all is new
O Lord, I live to worship You

(verse 2)
Heaven is Your holy throne
Lord, Your feet are resting here on earth
Worship is for You alone
I live to declare Your matchless worth
(repeat chorus)

(verse 3)
Set my spirit free, dear Lord
Loosen every chain that weighs me down
Satisfy with Your word
‘till Your very heart in me be found
(repeat chorus)

2006 Galestorm Music Inc ASCAP


Magnificent in every way, Oh Lord, my God
My heart reserves the highest praise for You, my God
Your Presence is my one desire
One touch from You; my heart’s inspired
to shine Your light with passion; holy fire
Oh Lord, magnificent, Oh Lord, magnificent
Oh Lord, magnificent, Oh Lord, You are, You are

Magnificent in every way, oh Lord, my God
Creation worships night and day, oh Lord my God
We see Your wonders near and far
From raging seas to blazing stars
Oh awesome God!  How truly great You are!
Oh Lord, magnificent, Oh Lord, magnificent
Oh Lord, magnificent, Oh Lord, You are, You are!

Magnificent in all the things You do, my God
I gladly give my heart and soul to You, my God
How could I turn the Best away
Your love pursues me day by day
My heart is filled with wonder, love and praise!
Oh Lord, magnificent, Oh Lord, magnificent
Oh Lord, magnificent, Oh Lord, You are, You are

2006 Galestorm Music Inc. (ASCAP)

OH MOST HIGH                      

(verse 1)
Precious Lord, You left an awesome throne
true humility, a Servant bending low
crucified; obedient to death
therefore God has raised
Your Name above the rest
You alone hold the highest place
At Your throne I give the highest praise, my Lord

O Most High, I love You Most High
My strength and defense, My endless supply
O Most High, I praise You Most High
I cherish Your Name, My Lord Jesus Christ
My God, Savior and King, the Great Adonai
O Most High

(verse 2)
Living God, the King from age to age
speaks a single word, the universe obeys
yet in pain You took what I deserved
how can I repay my Lord Who came to serve
You alone hold the highest place
At Your throne I give the highest praise, my Lord

  2006 Galestorm Music Inc.
















(verse 1)
There’s a land God is creating
and He calls it the New Earth
where desire meets fulfillment
in the children of new birth
where the purist of motives under girds every thought
that’s our home; the Paradise of God

(verse 2)
It’s a land of great adventure
Where our dreams are all lived out
Where our friends and precious loved ones
all embrace with a shout
for the joy there is contagious and all will applaud
Our new home; the Paradise of God

(verse 3)
No more pain, no disappointment
No more grief or broken hearts
No more weakness, no temptation
No more deeds done in the dark
Where no soul will feel rejected
None will wear the least façade
Love prevails in the Paradise of God

when the earth is made new; our bodies redeemed
when my eyes see His face surely then it will seem
that my life as a pilgrim was a vapor at best
my fears were so needless
this world’s finest: a mere breath
so let faith bring me wisdom to number my days
And live for His glory and His praise

 (verse 4)
Very soon I’ll touch and know Him
We will talk as friend to friend
Soon the life I’ve always longed for
Will be mine and without end
Soon to dust I’ll be returning
When I rest beneath the sod
Yet I’ll be raised in the Paradise of God

My Father’s House; the Paradise of God

2006 Galestorm Music Inc.  ASCAP


(narration from selected Scriptures)


The boat was battered by the waves
The wind was strong; The hour was late
Twelve men cried out with fear
What appeared to be a ghost was comin’ near
But fear gave way to wonder and to praise
When the Master of the sea was heard to say:

It is I, don’t be afraid
By faith you can walk upon the waves
Plant your feet upon the sea
Nothing is impossible for Me
Take My hand, trust and obey
For it is I, don’t be afraid

The weight of sorrow bears down upon your soul
And life gets hard at these forks in the road
The finest hearts can know the greatest grief
And be tested to the core of all they believe
But there’s no need for fear to win the day
For the Lord Himself can still be heard to say
(repeat chorus)

2006 Galestorm Music Inc


When we are broken we can be mended
In our confession we can be healed
In our repentance we find deliverance
then joy comes like the morning
Joy comes like the morning
Joy comes like the morning bright and clear

(verse 1)
the sacrifice of God
that brings His heart delight
is a broken spirit
and a contrite heart
those who long for Him
who seek His holy face
will find their soul restored
in a fountain full of grace (repeat chorus)

(verse 2)

He welcomes and restores
His love does not condemn
Yet He chastens and convicts
To keep us near to Him
His holiness brings joy
His purity brings peace
His mercy is our hope
His Presence a rich feast

2006 Galestorm Music

(Habakuk 3:17-19)

Though the fig tree may not blossom
And no fruit be on the vine
Though the olive tree should fail us
In the field no crop we find

Yet, my heart will rejoice in the Lord
My Provider and Source
He’s my only Salvation
I will run like a deer on the heights
For the Lord is my Strength
I will trust in my Savior
God is my song
Though all should fail
Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord

Though the cattle all should perish
And no flocks be in the stall
Though our treasure should diminish
And no wealth remain at all
(repeat chorus)

2005 Galestorm Music Inc,  ASCAP


How long, Oh Lord
‘till the suffering on earth comes to an end?
How long, Oh Lord
‘till we never see a funeral hearse again?

We’ve borne the curse of sin in futility and pain
Creation yearns for the King to reign
Rise up, O Lord , heal this world so scarred by sin
Let us taste of the tree of life again
but until then. . . . we cry. . .

O Lord, how long
‘till the martyr’s blood no longer is mixed with tears?
How long, Oh Lord
‘till You wipe away temptation, grief and fear?
O Lord, we wait for You
with a longing deep and strong
The martyrs cry ‘O Lord, how long?’
When will You vindicate
all the blood that has been spilled?
When will peace and righteousness prevail?
O how deeply we feel. . .

O Lord, how long
‘till Your divided Church is raised up a perfect Bride?
How long, Oh Lord
‘till the Son of Man appears on the eastern sky?
The Bridegroom comes

to thunder forth His final Word!
The midnight cry at last is heard!
He’ll sweep us up into a joy we’ve never known
New heavens, new earth; our home
Safely home. . . safely home

Dear Lord, how long ‘till we sit with You and share the wedding feast?
How  long, Oh Lord, ‘till You fulfill Your word and all is joy and peace?

2006 Galestorm Music Inc ASCAP

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