"After knowing John for over 20 years I greatly admire his talent, but most of all I admire his heart. His worship flows with Spirit-led authenticity so I can always trust where he is leading. His latest project, RADIANCE, is beautiful and quickly becoming a favorite of mine."  |  Michael W. Smith

"Every time I listen to a John Elliott CD, I want to Worship Jesus.   He has always had the gift to take you into the presence of The Lord and this new project Radiance is no exception. You can worship, soak or pray to the beautiful melodies from Radiance. This is a CD you'll want to take with you everywhere you go."  |  
Ricky Skaggs

"I have enjoyed John G Elliott’s music for over 15 years.  He possesses a rare combination of technical skill and spiritual perception that transports the listener into uncharted realms of worship.  I heartily recommend his new CD RADIANCE."  |  
Robert Whitlow - Best selling author of LIFE SUPPORT and LIFE EVERLASTING (Charlotte, North Carolina)

"Whenever I need a solid Word from God, I listen to John G. Elliott. . ."  |  
Max Lucado - Best selling author

This CD ("Living & Active, Vol 1) is the most anointed narration of scripture I’ve ever heard. The first time I used it in my quiet time the Lord touched something deep in me that just reading the word or just listening to worship music couldn’t have touched. The combination somehow brought more power to the truth of His Word. I loved hearing the Word read in Hebrew, the original language of the Bible. This CD is a gift in my life! 
Carina from Southlake, Texas
Words cannot describe the peace, the joy and the presence of God I sense when I listen to his new CD “Radiance”.  John again has brought the “Sounds of Heaven” here to earth. In a time where there seems to be no peace, “Radiance” brings you to a place of serenity that comes from being under the shadow of the Almighty. I not only envision Psalm 23 but also that of Psalm 91…you will be blessed  by the heart and ministry of John G. Elliott, my friend and more importantly a friend of God!

Rudy H. (Long Island, NY)
This is more than music. Its anointed music. In my opinion, Radiance is a work of instrumental excellence brought to life by an experienced musician and composer who is intimately familiar with soaking in God’s presence and understands the role music can play assisting others to do the same.  
Every track is artfully crafted to support the listener without getting the in the way and distracting from the ultimate goal, simply put, more intimacy with God.  The transitions are smooth and the progressions are intuitive and doesn’t impose its will on the listener but rather supports the listener to connect with God on their own terms. 
If you are like me and are always looking for good music to accompany your time of intimacy with God, I highly recommend Radiance, it’s a must have!

Kevin W. (Highland Park, Texas)
The Radiance album carries a distinct quality that energizes my everyday life. I have found that playing certain tracks on repeat help me focus as I work, study, or do research, while others help quiet my mind as I enter into a period of rest and reflection or sleep. Still others I find useful as background music while I read and do creative work. The genius of this album goes beyond its various “mood appeals” into an ability to connect me to a sound that releases something deep within my spirit. Regardless of what emotional state I am in prior to listening to a track, I always walk away having and experiencing Peace. This quality alone distinguishes this work from every other meditative album I own. This album has found a permanent home in my “favorites.”

Christa B. (Eagle Mountain Lake, Texas)
John Elliott's music is not only excellent, there is also power from the Holy Spirit to drive back darkness.  Just as when David played, Saul was free from torment.  When John plays; freedom, clarity and victory are released into the spiritual atmosphere.  Radiance is another such album.

Thomas L. (Pastor in Fort Collins, Colorado)

This recording is an experience for all your senses.  Rich, flavorful melodies drew me into a welcomed place of peace that quieted my soul.  The warmth of this composition made me feel as if I was being gently bathed in sunshine.  Whether I use this recording for meditation or purely for relaxation, I found myself awakened time and again to the beauty of the incandescent arrangements.  I dared to leave all busyness behind and stepped into the Radiance----it was worth it!

Judy H. (Grapevine, Texas)

RADIANCE has been really special to have to play in my home.  It came on the same day I had ministry guests for dinner and I used it for background music.  Everyone there wanted to know about the CD.  Since then it has been continuously playing in my home.  It brings such a sense of peace.  I hope John expands this collection of wonderful instrumental music into a series.

Dr. Ken J. (Fayetteville, Georgia)


Testimonials about John's Music and Ministry

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