to a ministry that seeks to build faith & devotion through soaking worship music

w o r s h i p   a n d   s o a k i n g   m u s i c

                  w o r s h i p    h y m n    m i n i s t r i e s

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Piano  Music Samplers

Instrumental Soaking Worship Music

  • Living & Active (Volume I)2:29

  • Radiance2:19
  • The 4th Watch of the Night2:00
  • A Burden Lifted2:10
  • Piano Peace2:38

Vocal Music Samplers

  • In the Quiet3:03
  • The Praise Goes On & On3:19
  • The Paradise of God2:35
  • Finally Home2:34
  • Let All the Thirsty Come2:27
  • Here I Stand 2:31
  • When God is Praised2:49
  • A Christmas Heart2:48

Scripture Narration (with Music) Sampler

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